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Military Thermals manufactures the highest quality 100% polypropylene extreme cold weather base layer shirts. Polypropylene extreme cold weather shirts are part of the Generation I Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) established by the U.S. Military. You will not be disappointed in these thermal shirts. All Military Thermals products are Made in the USA.

How polypropylene keeps you warm and dry.

The key to effective dressing in cold weather is layering. Your body has its own heating and cooling system; layering can maximize the efficiency of your body system and allow adjustment to various levels of exertion so you can maintain a comfortable temperature. Polypropylene thermal shirts should be the first undergarment next to your skin. This is the most critical layer to ensure warmth. When participating in outdoor activities you will inevitably begin to sweat; sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself. Your next-to-skin layer or underwear should be made of a material that will pull the sweat from your body keeping your skin dry and comfortable. The process of pulling sweat from your skin is often referred to as “wicking.” Thermal shirts designed to wick come in an array of materials, some natural and some synthetic. Polypropylene is a superior fabric to others such as cotton. Cotton and many other fabrics wick sweat, but retain it and take too long to dry, keeping your skin wet and cold. Polypropylene base layer shirts do not absorb moisture so it dries very quickly. 100% polypropylene is not only the best in terms of performance it is also the best value.

Polypropylene long underwear was made tough and designed to give maximum performance with ease of body movement without sacrificing body comfort and smooth fit. Polypropylene thermal shirts are soft, durable, color fast and resist fading because it is not a dyed fabric. They continue to look good even in chlorinated climates and stay newer longer with anti odor properties to keep you fresh. Made durable and strong with abrasion-resistant on the exterior to withstand wear and tear. Polypropylene fiber will not react to or degrade from ordinary chemicals or acidic sweat so you can perform on hardest and toughest workout level of activities.

Don’t be fooled by high priced, store brand names that cost three or four times as much. Polypropylene base layer shirts are the first choice of military personnel around the world and for good reason. Polypropylene extreme cold weather shirts retain more of your body heat. Polypropylene thermals are the best extreme cold weather base layer made. High quality polypropylene Military Thermals are comfortable and affordable long underwear; specifically designed to keep you warm and dry from cold to extreme cold weather. 100% Made in the USA!

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